How to Edit Supplier Payment in MYOB

It is important for the organizations to keep a track of receivables and payments to get a correct estimation at the end of the year. You need to enter all the information of every paid amount made in the Pay bill page while entering supplier payments. And in case if you have made a single payment for multiple bills then also in the same window you can allot the individual amounts. You can also edit or remove the transaction if you want to.

How to Edit a Payment Made to The supplier in the MYOB Accounting Software?

Go through the below process if you want to know how to change the amount paid:

There are two instances where you can change or edit the supplier payments i.e. that has not be reconciled or matched to the bank transaction. You are required to use Bank Reconciliation or Bank Transactions page to disarrange or mismatch the transaction first.

a. First of all go to the Transaction history from Banking menu. You will see a Transaction History page appearing.

b. You will see a View list. Choose the bank account through which you have made the supplier payment or you can choose All bank accounts option.

c. Look for the supplier payment which you want to change from the list and for that particular payment click on the Reference Number column. A View supplier payment page will be displayed and you see the bills.

d. You can also look for the paid amount by adjusting the date range in From and To column in case if you are unable to find the amount paid. You can also check through Received heading to get the transactions in amount spent order.

e. At the top of the page, click on the edit supplier payment and it will display the how payments were applied. You can also see other bills.

f. And there are chances of transaction been reconciled or matched and you cannot modify it if you are unable to see Edit supplier payment link.

g. You can make necessary changes in the bill and can change any detail except the supplier to whom you are paying. You need to delete the payment and create a new one for changing the supplier.

h. For saving the changes made, click on save button.

For the first time users, this accounting software can be a tricky tool. You can take the help from the third party who will instruct you how to use the software. Call MYOB Support Australia Number +61-283173572 and talk to professionals directly.