How To Create A Company File On Myob For Your Business?

MYOB is used to save all the financial information about your company in a file. If you have two or more business, then you need one company file for each business. This software helps users a lot to manage their company account. Payroll work becomes very easy using this program. It is a fast and easy way to manage cashflow and GST. Users can run this software on their mobile also. Managing inventory is such a difficult task but this software has made this work very easy.

Reading this blog will definitely help you out to create a new file for your business on this software. Before creating it on MYOB keep all these information in your hand:

  • MYOB serial number
  • Registration number of Business
  • Financial year end of company

These Steps will Guide You to Create a Company File on MYOB:

1. Power on the laptop and enter to the main screen. Launch MYOB

2. Five options will be visible on the welcome screen i.e. Open, Create, Explore, What’s new and Exit.

3. Make a selection for Create to start the process.

4. Now, you have to click on Next.

5. Now, the collected information of the company will be used here. Enter Serial Number, Company Name, Address, Phone Number and all the mandatory details and click ‘Next’.

6. Now the screen appears will ask to enter the information for your Accounting year. You have to fill the details correctly and click ‘Next’ after completing the details.

7. The next screen shows all the information filled by you. Review the page carefully, if some information requires changes then click ‘Back’. Rewrite the details and click Next button.

8. The next screen will show you three options to choose to build your account list.

  • The first option is to start with the list provided by MYOB.
  • The second option is to import your own list.
  • The third option will allow you to build your own account.

Second option can be chosen if you have prepared a chart of accounts and you can import the file into MYOB.

And, the third option can be selected if you prefer to build own account.

9. After making a selection click ‘Next’ and if the first option is chosen then select the industry and type of business it does.

10. The next screen will ask the location to save the company file from the user. Click on Change to change the name or location of the file.

11. Congratulations window will appear on the screen. That’s it.

The company file has been set up now and you can begin with your company’s accounting. The above steps are written in detail, so, that it becomes easy for the users to follow. If still, some issue occurs, contact MYOB Support Number Australia +61-283173572 to deal with any tech related issue. The Support providers always treat the customer in a very decent way. Feel free to call and eliminate the issues of your device.