How To Create A Company File On Myob For Your Business?

MYOB is used to save all the financial information about your company in a file. If you have two or more business, then you need one company file for each business. This software helps users a lot to manage their company account.

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How to Edit Supplier Payment in MYOB?

It is important for the organizations to keep a track of receivables and payments to get a correct estimation at the end of the year. You need to enter all the information of every paid amount made in the Pay bill page while entering supplier payments.

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How Can You Create A Backup Of Your Company File On MYOB Account?

Data backup is very important and it’s like putting the data safely in a location from where you can use it in an emergency situation. Storing the data off-site is one of the secure and encrypted methods. This process keeps you calm in thinking that the files are safe.

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